Jul 1, 2015

AAA Las Vegas 51s suffer major blow to winning Bricktown Showdown as highly touted prospect gets called up to join the Mets

Las Vegas 51's fictional beat writer Vick Shun laments at the 51s loss of Steven Matz to the New York Mets this past week.

"We really could use him down here. The "Bricktown Showdown" is in mid September, and after the loss of Noah earlier this year, our rotation is starting to run real thin.  Dillon Gee just can't  replace the contributions of Noah and Steven.

Photo Credit: New York Times

Additionally, I have some concerns that the Mets hitting coach has created a hitch in Kevin Plawecki's swing.  We're hoping to get K-Plaw back for even a few days, to augment our lineup and it would also benefit the team greatly if Wilmer continues to struggle and gets sent down. He led us in RBIs last year, for pete sake."

Shun goes on to suggest that the Mets can have the players back from September 17th on, because the AAA season will be over.

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