Jul 9, 2015

Affluent sports star chided by fans for having a life, traveling the way affluent people do

Our friends over at Metsblog have posted an article detailing internet fan criticism of Matt Harvey's means of travel and off day plans. Metsblog: matt-harvey-criticized-for-travel-plans

Fans were particularly incensed at the fact that Harvey, a rich person, was pictured traveling the way rich people do, in a private airplane. This trip occurred during Harvey's offtime from the rigorous job of brilliantly pitching for unappreciative, never happy fans. Fans were also critical that Harvey was depicted drinking Perrier water, which "must be at least $4 a bottle" cried one fan.  Apparently Mets fans do not like having nice things, as they seem to be pushing the Dark Knight further into seclusion.

Photo Credit:  Metsblog/Matt Harvey Instagram

Asked for comment, possible future president Donald Trump responded:  "I don't understand the criticism. That's barely a private jet. I mean, there doesn't even seem to be gold inlays in the seats and I see no caviar armrests. Plus his watch isn't even the chronograph model and his sunglasses are probably unpolarized. When i'm president, everyone will have caviar armrests and there will be chocolate milk water fountains in the cafeteria, a promise I have consistently made since running for elementary school class president." 

Photo Credit:  Metsblog/Matt Harvey Instagram

Responding to the criticism, Matt Harvey posted a picture of himself going incognito in coach class. Wearing glasses and only responding to the name Jeremy Piven, Harvey was able to blend right in with the other routine travelers. When the flight attendant arrived at his row, he requested a drink befitting of coach and was handed a can of soda with a cup on top of it. Unsure of how to open the beverage, Harvey immediately hit the assistance button and waited for the attendant to do so for him. He then asked the attendant whether the plane goes directly to the Bronx. 

While this uproar is sure to subside, this is nothing compared to the anticipated fan backlash after they learn of Dillon Gee's lavish AAA travel accommodations, pictured below. 

Original Photo Credit:  MackMets/Wikimedia

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