Jul 8, 2015

David Wright Eager to Return, Confident he can contribute to the team's consistent mediocrity.

Photo: NY Post

David Wright announced this week that he is one step closer to returning to the field that his teammates have sullied all season with their mediocrity. The team has now been shutout ten times this season and the 11 game win streak seems like a cruel figment of our collective imaginations.

"My back is feeling much better and I am eager to start infield drills and swinging a fungo bat.  That said, with the bar set so low, I know that if I can't swing a bat or can't bend to field a grounder, my teammates will be supportive, understanding and used to it." Wright said.

Not one to set unrealistic goals, Wright's enthusiasm got the best of him as he declared confidence that he can once again add to this team's strikeout totals, could leave runners on in scoring position following an unsuccessful at bat, could underthrow/overthrow first base and could return to the Disabled List after two at bats if necessary.

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