Jul 26, 2015

Fred Wilpon dismayed, speechless after hometown Dodgers' loss to New York Mets at Ebbetciti Field.

The Mets won last night 15-2 over Fred Wilpon's hometown Brooklyn Dodgers.  This win was particularly embarrassing to Fred as it took place within the stadium he built as an homage to the Dodgers' time in New York.  "I just don't understand how the Mets, the METS were able to beat my Dodgers. Even with the additions of Johnson/Uribe, that can't compare to the Dodgers lineup." Wilpon lamented. 

"After such an embarrassing loss, I think it is going to be even harder to sell the Dodgers on coming back to play here. I even showed them the plans to replace the Apple in CF with the head of Rally Bear, the unofficial mascot." 

At the postgame press conference, Wilpon personally apologized to the Koufax family saying he won't let this happen again. With Greinke on the mound, Fred is confident the Dodgers will win steadily and accept the ballpark as their own. 

Fred did visit the Polo grounds a handful of times as a child. If all else fails, he is hoping the Giants can be convinced to move back here, since the last time they visited they threw a no hitter against the Mets. 

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