Jul 17, 2015

John Smoltz Continues His Thought, Says Mets Lineup Way Worse Than 1990s Braves Lineup

Photo: foxsports.com

After the former Atlanta Braves pitcher and current MLB Network analyst spoke highly of the New York Mets' current pitching rotation, comparing it favorably to the all-star Braves rotation of the 1990s, Smoltz cleared his throat and continued his thought.

"Of course, the Braves batting lineup then can actually hit a fastball right down the middle, unlike those pathetic excuses of hitters the Mets have now. Good lord, it makes me embarrassed to have played the same game. Ugly too. I mean, I'm no Ryan Klesko, but man, it doesn't matter where you bat the pitcher, 8th or 9th, it's ugos from top to bottom."

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