Jul 13, 2015

Jonathan Niese asks internet for superhero moniker, given Lamest version of Aquaman

Original Photo Source:  Daily News/Sodahead

Instantly regretting his decision to ask the internet for a superhero moniker, Jonathan Niese was today dubbed with the nickname Aquaman.

At first Niese took it as a positive, hoping he was given the cool-ish claw armed Gorton's fisherman version of Aquaman. When told, that the internet further specified that it be the 1960s Superfriends version, Niese's enthusiasm quickly turned to a scowl.

"This meeting of the Metstice league is called to order", Matt Harvey proclaimed, in a throaty imitation of Christian Bale's Batman. Today we welcome our newest superhero and protector of Flushing Bay, Jon Niese (clap clap clap).

"By the power of Mjolnir we welcome you"  Syndergaard proclaimed.
"Hulk smash" Lucas Duda cheered as he entered the room unaware a meeting was going on.
"The Flash approves"  Granderson proclaimed.
"Captain Oww-merica here!"  Wright said as he lifted his shield a little.
"Well, I guess I can learn to live with this" Niese groaned.
"Shut up Aquaman", said the room emphatically in unison.
"I can't wait to be traded" muttered Aquaman under his breath.

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