Jul 1, 2015

Mets 25 year contract with Bobby Bonilla continues to pay dividends (and payments)


One of the Mets top performing position players for 2015, Bobby Bonilla, received his annual $1.2 million salary to much fanfare today. It is no wonder this deal looks so good for the Mets, considering Bobby Bonilla has struck out an amazing zero times this season. While Michael Cuddyer has contributed a -2.8 dWAR, to date, comparatively Bobby Bonilla has been league average defensively. Cuddyer does slightly best Bonilla in WAR, though, with a 0.3 WAR to Bonilla's 0. 

Understanding the importance of these contributions, the mets have locked up Bonilla through 2036. This will allow the flexibility they will need to sign two Cylon Pitchers and an Android Shortstop in 2037.  

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