Jul 11, 2015

Mets announce mandatory hitting camp during All Star Break

Photo Source:  USA Today

Following another narrow victory, one thing has become readily apparent to Terry Collins, namely that the team's best, most consistent hitters are its pitchers. With DeGrom away for the all star game, Collins has announced that Syndergaard, Colon and Harvey will helm a hitting camp for the Mets' lineup.

Harvey, having hit a 2 run homer in today's 4-2 victory certainly is no slouch to understanding what it takes to hit.  Syndergaard, excited to start the training camp, explained that he wants to first focus on the basic rules of the game with the players, and specifically to explain that hitting the ball over the fences is a good thing.  "One thing I realized in discussions with the players, they thought the high fences were meant to keep the ball in the stadium. They were concerned that by hitting it over the fence, team brass would respond by making the fences even taller. This makes sense, since we did play that one game in Boston." he explained.

Colon's primary responsibility, meanwhile, will be form coaching. "I want to make sure everyone holds the bat with the bigger end out. I've noticed that works really well. Also, if you keep your hands near the skinny part of the bat, momentum works in your favor.  If your helmet falls off, you swung strong enough to hit it." he explained.

In touch with technology, the team will provided HP Touchpads preloaded with Best of Bartolo Colon Hitting videos to all attendees. They have been advised to keep them scratch free as they have to be returned to Fred's Rentatablet.  Colon hopes to surpass David Wright's 2015 hits total of 11 hits, a record set by David Wright back at the start of the season.

GIF Source:  USA- The Big Lead

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