Jul 18, 2015

Mets Fans' proposed Kickstarter campaign to fund cleanup bat drawing ire over permissibility, ingenuity.

Photosources:  MLBlogs/ Kickstarter Project

A group of  arguably ingenious Mets fans have scoured the MLB bylaws, finding a loophole they feel will finally solve the team's cleanup bat problem. Specifically, rule 12.07(b)(3)1447(s) of the MLB Acquisition Rules permits a team to accept and borrow a player from an independent team by purchasing the contract for at least a nominal fee. The intrepid fans have formed an offshore shell baseball team called the Switzerland Cheeses. The team currently has a lot of holes in it, (the pun being intended), which should be solved by phase 2 of the plans.  The team put together a submission for approval, suggesting the following hat and mascot for the fake team:

Swiss Steve, The Cheeses' Proposed Mascot
                                                     Photo Source:  Costummer.com

Phase 2:
The fans plan to establish tiers of pledges, raising amounts they feel will be enough to purchase the contracts of certain players from their respective teams. Proposed Examples set forth Below:

Asked for comment, Kickstarter's staff simply responded "That doesn't sound like something we would remotely allow" causing the fans to consider Indiegogo.

Asked about the prospect of playing for the Cheeses, Mike Trout responded by asking to speak with his agent, possibly showing intrigue. Upon further explanation that he would ultimately end up playing for the Mets, he invoked his partial no trade clause.

Teams quick to rebut demands for players with ludicrous prices were shocked when told that amount might be possible, if the pledge reaches its goal.

Once the Switzerland Cheeses have acquired the players from the pledges, it will be as simple as the Mets offering a nominal fee to purchase and acquire the player's contract.  The Wilpons and Alderson thus far have asked the Cheeses to "define nominal" being unwilling to offer more than $100.00 for any one contract. That said, the Swiss Cheeses may trade Albert Pujols, if acquired, for Kirk Niuwenhuis.

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