Jul 23, 2015

Mets hold closed door meeting, told to totally ignore bag of steroids on table ;)

Following todays tough loss, Terry Collins held a closed door meeting to discuss the hitters' maladies with them as a group. Raising immediate intrigue was the presense of a big bag labeled STEROIDS, placed rather obviously at the center of the table.

"Listen guys, that was a tough one. That loss is my fault. That said, it is my responsibility to fix things. If we're not going to get better players, we're going to need to make our players better." Collins winked, before immediately doing this over the large array of table STEROIDS.


"Did you get something in your eye?" asked Plawecki, with legitimate concern.
"No my eye is fine. I was just trying to show you guys how great this table and everything on it is. ;)
"STREENGTH BEEEANS?" ʕʘ‿ʘʔ Duda worded the label incorrectly. 
"Sort of. It actually reads STEROIDS!" Collins explained. 

GASP. ಠ_ಠ ๏_๏ ◉_◉ The room exhaled in unison. 
'STEROIDS are not allowed!  Yelled Tejada. 
Mejia sat silently as the conversation continued. 
"Oh, I know guys. That's why you will all have to get rid of it. However you deem the best way to do so ;) " Terry continued.

"I think you got some steroids in your eye!  Go wash it out coach!" Plawecki demanded.
"Sigh"  Terry said as he left the room.

Realizing that nobody was remotely getting the drift, a second closed door meeting was scheduled to discuss the implications of a wink.

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