Jul 7, 2015

Mr. Met pioneers new age in protective mascot headgear

Original Photo Source: Queens Baseball Convention

Mr. Met, having seen the disastrous consequences that can befall other mascots not wearing proper headgear, and specifically citing Mr. Redlegs' fall off an ATV years ago, has spoken with Alex Torres and ordered himself a matching padded hat.

Mr. Redlegs fall is depicted below. Warning, the fall is not for the squeamish.

Asked for a quote on how he liked the new headgear, Mr. Met responded "HIGH FIVE, THUMBS UP, CLAP CLAP CLAP,  FIST PUMP, SHRUG".  He further admits, "Look, I know it looks stupid, but i'm already an anthropomorphic baseball man, so really, its just icing on this cake" as he awkwardly ran his giant hands up and down his sides.

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