Jul 10, 2015

Plawecki wins Mets intrasquad homerun derby with "Almost 1"

Original Photo Source:  Gallery Hip and Clearchannel

Hoping to encourage team building and camaraderie heading into the long all star break (that nobody but Jacob Degrom is partaking in), Terry Collins scheduled an intrasquad homerun derby for the players yesterday.

Each player was allowed ten pitches, thrown by the pitcher of their choosing to try to accrue homeruns. Playing at apparently still cavernous Citifield, however, this endeavor seemed more and more daunting as the players continued their failing attempts.

Terry suggested the youth fielding volunteers from Camp Wannanuowna set themselves up at varying places at the edge of the infield grass, to get the most fielding experience.  Little Timmy Clark of Smithtown, however, had confidence that second to last batter Plawecki would reach the outfield grass where the celebrity softball fielders position themselves.  Before he knew it, boom... crack.., Timmy tuned his neck to watch the baseball effortlessly sail towards the warning track before bouncing over the fence.

"That totally counts!  Nobody said how it had to go over the fence. Bouncing is allowed! Come on!" Plawecki demanded.
"I can't believe he hit that so far!  It went to the legendary dirt before the fence!" Duda Shouted.
"It bounced over!  It bounced over!  So strong!" Tejada proclaimed.
"Raise the apple!"  an enthused Granderson yelled.

And like that, the homerun derby festivities were abruptly concluded as the consensus was clear that nobody was going to do better, Considering only, Michael Cuddyer was left to bat and they weren't in Colorado, the assumption was a good one.

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