Jul 12, 2015

Ray Ramirez cautiously updates Workplace Injury Poster

Original Photo Source:  Getty Images

Concerned about "jinxing" things, Mets Head athletic trainer Ray Ramirez cautiously updated the Dugout injury poster to reflect 1 day without injuries.  As he squeaked the marker slowly down the board, he caught eyes with Jenrry Mejia across the bench. Mejia appeared visibly distraught. Asked what was wrong, he explained that the marker squeak hurt his ears and he will need a few days to work it off. Ramirez, exhaled, and asked if the four All Star days off will be enough to recover. Mejia, however insisted on a 15 day DL stint.

Ramirez huffed once again, asking if anyone saw the dry eraser. As he asked, he saw today's 3 homerun hero Kirk Nieuwenhuis' foot stepping directly on it before propelling him to the ground. 
Asked for comment, Ramirez responded, channeling his inner Michael Scott. 

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