Jul 11, 2015

Syndergaard strikes out 13, returns to Asgard for lunch with Odin and Loki

Source:  Marvel's Avengers

Noah Syndergaard masterfully struck out 13 yesterday. Following the performance, he said he was hungry and that he planned to go his hometown for lunch.  Noah was seen spinning his Mjolnir and flying off into the distance (Marvel's tribute to Noah depicted above). Word is he planned to dine with Odin and Loki at Asgard's Shake Shack. Apparently it's one of the only reasons to go to Asgard. No word on whether Bobby Parnell gave him permission.  

Some were quick to criticize Noah's choice of travel, saying his solo travels to one of the Nine Worlds and home to the Æsir tribe of gods would negatively detriment teamwork, or something equally implausible. Noah was quick to rebut the criticism, saying "What mythological realm of the Gods I choose to go to on my free time is none of your business, even if I put it on Thorstagram" before retorting "Besides, nobody gives Bart grief for going to Mount Olympus on offdays."

Original Source: Copyright 2012-2014 giovanino from DeviantArt

Bartolo could not be found for comment, as he was too busy enjoying Bacchanalian revelry at Mount Olympus with the Satyrs.


Source  Taddeo Zuccari, 1551,  Bartolo and Oil on Canvas

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