Jul 2, 2015

Tejada Leaves Discover Card at CVS, Pays For Neighborhood's Personal Items

Continuing a string of mental errors, Ruben Tejada this morning left his Discover Card at a self-service checkout station at his local CVS after stopping in to, according to surveillance cameras, pick up a pack of Slim Jims, a case of Q-tips, and a bottle of Tums.

News spread quickly through the neighborhood, with residents pouring in to pick up their essentials and place it on Tejada's tab.

Tejada, who is scheduled to make $1,800,000 this year regardless of his play on the field, realized his error and returned later in the day to retrieve his card.  He faced a bill that totaled nearly $12,000, but with several members utilizing their CVS Rewards Card, ended up owing just over $11,000.  According to a copy of his receipt obtained by this blog, he saved $985.15 and received a coupon worth $2.00 off his favorite Old Spice product (excluding deodorants).

Tejada reportedly tried to file a fraudulent charge complaint with Discover but was informed that Discover had no fraud department, as they did not realize that there were still people who owned Discover Cards.

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