Aug 10, 2015

Alderson reiterates innings limit, Announces Dillon Gee as Game 1 Playoff Starter.

Even Dillon Gee is skeptical about this idea. 
Photo:  Zimbio

"Here it is. The plan you keep asking about." Alderson began.  "I have repeatedly told you that we will not compromise the future for the present. And I mean it. My baseball people say that players should have innings limits so they can ease their way into more wear and tear. By dedicating the young guys' innings to meaningful September baseball, we can let the AAA staff bear the brunt of playoff baseball." Alderson stated. 

Alderson went on to describe his vision for the 1 game playoff and short series:

"One game playoff, all the marbles, no question Dillon Gee is our guy. We anticipate Bartolo will be tired and Niese injured. With Dillon up front, we can start game 2 with 2 innings from matz, followed by a now rested Alex Torres. Lest you forget the Mets' roster for the NLCS in 2006 that was so close to doing it all, we figure we will remind you by resigning that rotation for the playoffs. 

1. Dillon Gee
2. Matz/Alex Torres
3. Tom Glavine
4. John Maine
5. El Duque Oliver Perez

Aug 6, 2015

Mets fans distraught, confused, dismayed over six day hiatus from having something to complain about


Mets fans have plenty to cheer about and this is making many of them confused and upset.  With their team mired in a six game win streak, fans are being overwhelmed by optimism. Our very own Syd Pigeon hit the streets to speak to fans. 

"I am distraught, actually. It has been days since I was able to complain about the Mets. I now find myself complaining about having nothing to complain about." Fan Byron Margone explains.

"Yesterday the Mets won 8-6. I found myself complaining over their Road jersey choice. I knew it wasn't a reasonable thing to complain about but I had no other choice. I put a rally cap on just to remember what it felt like. The hat fits much better on my head that way." Mangone continues.

Photo Via: Deadspin

"If David Wright, Cuddyer and Matz all come back without someone else getting injured. I don't know what i'm going to do.  I'm a Mets fan because I have problems setting and dealing with expectations. I have ordered a disappointing looking "replica" Mr. Met costume and I plan to have my wife follow me around and tell me how disappointing I am."  said Fred King. "I am hoping the disappointment of looking at this crude Mr. Met will tide me over until the Mets finally disappoint me again. At this rate, I might have to wait until October for that to happen."

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