May 20, 2016

Drawing the Proposed Binghamton Mets Names as Mascots/Logos

We here at Messbog have been taken aback by the myriad of amazing name choices to replace Binghamton Mets. Not content to wait for the actual winner, we have commissioned our resident artist to brainstorm the new mascots, based on name alone. He spared no time or expense, coloring in the depictions with highlighters.  Without further adieu:

Stud Muffins:  There were really only two ways to go with this, draft a hunky person or draw the words literally. The latter obviously translates well for mascot purposes. Either way, the opposing team will undeniably have fear in their hearts facing the Stud Muffins.


Bullheads:  This is a strong name, requiring something Godfather-esque in its depiction.  After drawing the bull, and subsequently reading the blurb about what a bullhead actually is,  the catfish was added.

Rocking Horses:  A rocking horse quite literally is the least intimidating thing in the history of things. That is unless its creaking in an attic during a horror movie. Then its very scary and intimidating.  Maybe they can have a 7th inning Attic Rally Rocking Horse.

This required some creativity, but a singing horse mascot could bring  a lot of fun to the stadium. Additionally, I could see fans wearing these en masse:


Timber Jockeys:  This sounds like a classy British put down for someone promiscuous. "Oh that Avery, they're such a timber jockey."  Taking the words at face value, its a jockey that sits on wood. So that was what was drawn.  Reading the blurb afterwards, a timber jockey is yet another reference to carousels... which is apparently a big thing in upstate New York. "Take that, Buffalo!"

Almost as much an insult as calling someone a .... knob....

Gobblers:  This is a drawing of a hand turkey. Get your minds out of the gutter.

And finally... WTF is a Rumble Ponies. Seriously, what is a rumble pony.   (The blurb indicates it is apparently another reference to Carousels)

Jan 6, 2016

J.P. Ricciardi, following Depodesta's lead, leaving Mets to GM Philadelphia 76ers

In a surprise decision, the Philadelphia 76ers have decided to poach the talents of J.P. Ricciardi from the New York Mets to helm the 76ers basketball organization. The Mets, are pleased to receive cash considerations and a player to be named later for Ricciardi.

Initially surprised by the decision, J.P. Ricciardi was quoted as saying "I know nothing about basketball. This must be a mistake." He then started to warm up to the idea.  "The team only has four wins, i'm sure I can help them acquire more players to do better than that. I used to play horse in grammar school so I can definitely give my input to the players on the best places to take shots from. I think its important to get closer to the rim when shooting to make it easier, and also to dunk as much as possible, especially when "on fire" after a boomshakalaka. We will pool our resources to acquire a lot of tall players, because I remember that also being important."

At the press conference Ricciardi was formally introduced to Hip Hop, mascot of the 76ers, who scared Ricciardi out of the room for 15 minutes. After the initial shock subsided, Ricciardi returned to the podium on condition that Hip Hop stand in the corner and look away.

He also announced his first acquisitions as GM:  Randy Johnson, Jon Rauch and Chris Young.